Squirting it’s easier than you think- R. Leigh, Jeffry Wolf


Do you already understand what female ejaculation is, yet wonder how you can achieve it? Have your past attempts at squirting been unsuccessful? Then this book is for you! Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think is a quick book of useful tips and information to help any woman learn how to experience female ejaculation. It doesn’t waste time with explaining what female ejaculation is, but instead focuses on providing the best, most useful tips to encourage your body to unleash its flood. The author R. Leigh began experiencing female ejaculation later in adulthood, before she even knew what it was, or her body could do it. Her sexual past included rape, molestation, a physically abusive relationship, and few sexual experiences which were enjoyable nor included a focus on her pleasure. Her first experience with female ejaculation lead to a several year journey into understanding her own sexuality, where she embraced pleasure and developed an immense amount of knowledge about the squirting orgasm and how it’s accomplished. As she learned more, and became much more comfortable with her body, as well as accepted the fact she deserved pleasure, she learned more about the role a holistic view plays into sexuality. Her goal is to share knowledge of female ejaculation with others, particularly woman, to help them understand the strong connection a healthy mind, body and spirit has to pleasurable female sexuality. A healthy sex life is not only crucial to strengthening the connection with your partner, but it’s also beneficial to a woman’s physical and mental health.



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